Do you hesitate to vote?

Choose, express yourself, change society, defend your interests
and participate in a democratic way, they are all reasons to vote and encourage others to do so!


Votes are required in Belgium. The obligation to vote automatically applies to Belgians who are called to participate in the elections. Non-Belgian nationals have the right to participate in the elections. To do this, they must first submit an application for registration in the list of voters using the ad hoc form. From the acceptance of the application for registration on the list of voters is born the obligation to vote.

Who can vote?

  • Belgian citizens older than 18
  • Voters who are nationals of the Member States of the European Union
  • Voters who are citizens of third countries of the European Union

Who can not vote?

  • Those who have been sentenced to criminal penalties
  • Persons who in correctional cases have the right to vote by conviction
  • Adults in guardianship